Weylin Tracking Field Guide: The Tracks of West European Animals

30.00 inc. VAT

The ‘Weylin Field Guide: Tracks of Western European Animals’ is a compact and richly illustrated guide designed to be taken and used outdoors. It contains the tracks (tracker slang for a foot print) of over 100 mammals, birds, amphibians, reptiles and invertebrates that we find in Western Europe. It includes introductory chapters such as gaits, locomotion, using track plates, how to photograph tracks and more. It is bound by wire-o, so it can conveniently be held along side a track. Despite its contents it is small enough to be carried standard in your backpack. That is how I intended it, as you will get most of it when you have it with you, when you find a track.



Download a PDF preview. Includes the table of contents with all animals covered.

Specifications: ISBN: 9789082658743, 21×10 cm, wire-o bound, 78 pages, paper: stack 175 grams & cover 300 grams, transparent plastic front and hind cover. Costs includes worldwide shipping and 9% VAT.