Weylin Tracking Field Guide: The Tracks of West European Animals


If you are a regular viewer, you already know, I am a professional tracker. I teach people the art of tracking animals. A few years ago I released my first English language field guide. Every successful photo starts with research. Knowledge of the tracks and sign of your subject can play a major role.

The ‘Weylin Field Guide: Tracks of Western European Animals’ is a compact and richly illustrated guide designed to be taken and used outdoors. It contains the main tracks (tracker slang for a foot print) of mammals, birds, amphibians, reptiles and invertebrates that we find in Western Europe. It is bound by wire-o, so it can conveniently be held along side a track. Made to be durable for heavy use in the field.



Download a PDF preview.Includes the table of contents with all animals covered.

Specifications: ISBN: 9789082658743, 21×10 cm, wire-o bound, 78 pages, paper: stack 175 grams & cover 300 grams, transparent plastic front and hind cover. Costs includes worldwide shipping and 9% VAT.