I am só proud! I knew since November 2021 that I was a finalist in the prestigious Lowland Photography Contest, the nature photography contest of the Netherlands, Belgium and Luxembourg. I had sent in my otter photo that I took in the city canals of Zwolle, the Netherlands into the category Humans & Nature.

In November last year I heard I was one of the finalists. But due to corona the festival where the winners would be announced, and was to take place in December 2021, was cancelled. Last weekend, 2 & 3 April 2022 the winners were finally announced at a lighter version of the festival. I had high hopes my otter photo it would win the category Humans & Nature as quite a few experienced wildlife photographers convinced me I had a good chance for that…

And it did win the category! I was so happy! But it got even better when the overall winner was announced… My otter photo was considered the best nature photo of 2021 of the low countries. How amazing… I could have never hoped for that, I am so happy and feel so honoured.

It is a contribute to otter One Eye, so named as his right eye was blind. Which you can see clearly on the photo. He was found dead last week. His stomach was empty, and he was full of ticks. The vet that examined him determined his age at around four to five years old. Which is a respectable age for a otter.

If you haven’t seen it already, you can see a vlog showing the process of making the photo here. And if you would like to have a fine-art print of the photo, then please take a look here.