I became ambassador for Buteo Photo Gear!

If you have been following my vlogs, you have seen several products from Buteo Photo Gear already. All bought myself, and every time to my fullest satisfaction. The quality, versatility and service were simply outstanding. When I found out that the company is Dutch I got in contact with its owner, Jurgen Sloots. And we met up for a day of photography.

Currently busy starting a new multi-vlog series. This time about using the full potential of a hide when photographing birds.

I met a guy who is at least as passionate as myself. He is an avid photographer himself, and uses his own experiences in designing the products he sells under his brands, Buteo Photo Gear and Stealth Gear.

Right now I am starting to produce another series of vlogs around one subject. Which this time, is photographing birds from a hide. I will be using hides from Buteo Photo Gear for that. Soon on my YouTube channel!

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