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Fine Art Prints available (3/7/2021) - I hope my prints will give you as much joy as I had creating them. Many viewers have been asking me when I offer photos for sale as a print.… Continue ReadingFine Art Prints available
Higher resolution gallery photos (11/3/2020) - Recently got a new computer, with a beefy monitor. That is nice of course. But what is not nice is looking at my own photos and seeing how fuzzy they… Continue ReadingHigher resolution gallery photos
Two new photos to my portfolio (10/10/2020) - Lately I have made two new photos I am really happy with. First a photo of an osprey which lands on a post with a fish in its talons. What… Continue ReadingTwo new photos to my portfolio
Portfolio is up (9/14/2020) - Over the past few days I have been selecting, removing, re-adding and removing photos to my portfolio page. This is one of those sections of the website which will never… Continue ReadingPortfolio is up
Adding content (8/10/2020) - Got back from an amazing trip to Scotland! Have so much cool content to work on. But I also want to add content to this page, step-by-step. I still have… Continue ReadingAdding content
Not much here yet! (7/29/2020) - Made this photo a few weeks ago in Scotland... You found my new website 😀 As you see, there is not much to be found here yet... Over the next… Continue ReadingNot much here yet!