In 2020 I did several projects with owls. We humans have something with owls, don’t we? They are considered wise. And because they often live in the night, they are also a bit mysterious… The sound of a tawny owl is used a lot in movies to set the mood of the night.

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Little owl with a city life

On Facebook I saw a photo made with a mobile of a little owl. This befriended ecologist made the photo in the city, of alittle owl sittng in the perfect natural frame of a birch tree. It took some effort, but in the end I finally found the owl at 6AM in the morning where I wanted the owl to be!

Barn owl

Barn owls in the United Kingdom hunt during the day. I só wish they would do that here as well… I once saw one hunting near Crieff, Scotland. Oh, and the photos of UK friends with barn owls during the evening in golden light! No such thing here. Here they hunt during the night. They even only show themselves after the sun has long set. So I had to resort to using flash lights to illuminate this owl. I did not expected the owl to sit on my camera though! Do check out the vlog for the whole story!

Little owl

This pairof little owls breed in the garden of friends. I was able to follow this pair over several months. Such amazing little birds they are! They have so much character! Here in the gallery I linked the final episode of my vlog. But I made a series of them. Do check them out on my channel!

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