For a few weeks I was without my 200-600 G lens, as it went into repair. I decided I wanted another to bridge the gap. But I did not simply wanted to buy a lens I had no use for when I got it back. So I was looking for something between my 70-200 GM and the 200-600 G lens. A 100-400 would be a nice lens with sufficient zoom in a range that I did not yet had. And it would be a good walk around lens. I decided that the 100-400 GM was too expensive. So, the new Sigma 100-400 for E-mount came into view.

So I went out with my youngest son Thijs, for two days of photographing in the Amsterdam Water Supply Dunes. It was the perfect area to test this new walk around lens. There are bigger mammals there which are not afraid off humans. And we would walk around quite a lot. We had some awesome opportunities with fallow deer. And an amazing encounter with a red fox. So the perfect conditions to test out this lens!

Below are my photos. If you want my full experience with this lens, be sure to check out the vlog. It is linked below the gallery.

2 thoughts on “Testing the Sigma 100-400: Fallow deer and Red fox

  1. Jim Kennedy says:

    These pictures a fantastic! What a great set.

    Phooesnax on YouTube


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